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Metronimo Quiz

Métronimo QuizMetronimo Quiz - Version 2.10 is a quiz containing more than 600 questions about the history of the music, composers, music theory, musical terms.

To play, you must initially download the interface of the game, then install the questions.

It is possible to play only against the computer. In this case you can either involve you, or to try to make the highest score.

It is also possible to play 2 or 3 at the same time. If you choose 2 players at the same time, you can turn into to championships with the maximum of 32 different players. If you choose 3 players at the same time, you can turn into to championships with the maximum of 27 different players.

The program memorizes the winners of each game as indicated so below:

Example with 2 players: The winner of the part 1 against 2 meets the winner of the part 3 against 4, etc.

Example with 3 players: The winner of part 1,2,3 meets the winner of the part 4, 5, 6, and the winner of part 7, 8, 9, etc.

It is possible to parameterize the game:

- Each player can register his name and choose an image to represent it. 30 images are installed at the same time as the interface of the game. With a graphic software, you can create your own images to represent the players (for example, you can use a photography).
- You can activate or deactivate the topics.
- You can choose the quiz (questions or time), choose the number of questions or the number of seconds.
- You can prevent the access to the options. A teacher can thus choose the parameters of the quiz and prevent his pupils from reaching it.

This game is only in french.

Quiz to learn music

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