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The Metronimo Music Web Site : Software to learn music, on line games, ringtones, logos.

MétronimoWelcome to the Metronimo Music Web Site

You can find several free educational musical programs :

Windows software

- Programs to learn music theory : Ballonimo, Pianonimo, Metronimo Music Theory, Mini Tetronimo, RhythmonimoTetronimo
- Software to learn the greatest classic composers : The Book of Composers.
Software to test your musical knowledge : Metronimo Quiz

- Software to learn to identify the instruments of the symphony orchestra : Musical Instruments.

The minimal configuration is : PC with Pentium processor or better recommended - Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP - 32 MB of RAM - Video card  SVGA (800 x 600 with 65000 colors) - Sound card. Pianonimo, Rhythmonimo, Tetronimo and Metronimo Quiz work with Vista and Seven.

Android software

Ballonimo, an Android game to learn the treble clef.



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